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Brand Styling

There are few logos around that are not subject to change. Ours will be different in a few years I'm sure. Stores change every season at least but all brands need an iconic identity.

If there is one thing on the move in your company it must be keeping 'up-to-date, follow-the-seasons, follow-the-trends' photography, graphic design and publications. One of the fun things of being an entrepreneur, well... if you like that kind of thing.

And today we have a new 'layer' to take into account. We can actually measure how much attention our communication generates. Clicks on the web, mails read and actual shop visits monitored. Succes is almost more related to the number of views on your productpage than the revenue it brings. What to do with this information? Rinse & repeat, dare to make a turn while your campaign did well?

Can we do more I hear you say and does it always cost money?

Our choices lead to new opportunity. Twitter paid $15 for their logo, plucked it right of a stock site. And we all know what it looks like. Twitter still has to make a profitable year but investors will let you know it's coming. Lucky enough it's the products themselves that give a brands it's merit, once you reach your crowd of course.

At Brands of Style we believe in identity but also not to be afraid to change, try new things and spread your wings. Some times ask to make noise, some times to remain modest. There is a right time for everything but there is no right time for doing nothing.

Jeroen Bloothoofd

Chief Information Officer

Brands of Style




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