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Taking your products to another country has a lot of impact on your organisation. If you're lucky the changes to packaging are small and your creations meet regulations right away. However distribution comes with its own set of challenges. 

'Grow as you go' is a solid mantra to follow. It should not matter if your only product is an electric skateboard or you have a full cosmetic range to venture out. Your partner needs to be just as reputable as you and help you expand, without limits and in the right time. You deserve to get full attention and not be the next egg in the basket. You want to be represented with full regards and see operations being fulfilled under your brand identity.

At Brands of Style we only work with partners that earn their reputation every day again. No object is out of the ordinary, no break-down is impossible. Our mutual mission is to store the stock for the shortest period of time possible as it needs to be on the shop floor. No administrative obligations can stand in the way. We know where every last item is, all of the time! We deliver a premium service that will save you expense right from the start throughout our long and prosperous future.

Any level of quality assurance can be included in our workflows and we embrace project-based orders. We get excited by making the logistics as efficient as possible because our years of experience tell us how it should be done. One of the reason we started Brands of Style, we understand what the 'paved way' looks like. It is our anticipation of obstacles and the strength of our partners that will give your brand a head start and make you reap the benefits every day.



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