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Brands of Style

Hi, I am Elena and together with my husband Jeroen we run the Brands of Style agency. After numerous years of working inside heritage brand organisations we decided to no longer go in one direction and offer our KnowledgeExperience and Network to others that will benefit greatly from it.

There is nothing more rewarding than taking a brand that passionately creates it's products to the next level. Because if you believe in that product then there are no boundaries of bringing it to a bigger audience. There is no need to take your mind of the creative process and attending to your home market. We can help give your brand the wings to fly.

Our approach is very simple. No small print, just give us a call and we will explore how your brand can evolve.

It does not matter what stage your enterprise is in, there is always something that can enhance your sales. That, after all, is the bottom line. Income means freedom to create and develop your products and for you to undertake new adventures.

We are looking forward to get to know you and the stories of your creations, the history, the passion.


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