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Sales Channels

Sales Channels

Selling your products online comes in many flavours. You can do it yourself but with every new audience comes a lot of work still. Getting your products on every street is already more challenging, especially if you do not speak the language. So what if we tell you there is more, much more. Products can be sold any time, any place, even without the internet,

Harrods, Bijenkorf, Galeries Lafayette but also airports, cruise ships, surf schools and spa resorts. We all know them, been there and bought something. Out of reach? Not for the right product, not for a new scent, a new style or new looks.

Channel sales goes beyond Facebook adverts and Google advertising. Good old fashion shops are renewing and centralising every day. Consumers get out more and get out further. Seeing, feeling and smelling leads to craving and purchase. Something a pretty picture on the web is still far off from.

Brands of Style can be your entrance in complete new markets without you breaking the bank or wasting your precious time. We don't know everything, we can't surf and we have our own preference in skincare but we know how to do the groundwork for you, the shortest way from A to B. And we got that Harrods mystery shopping award last year as we understand customer experience, brand identity display and proper after sales.

Find out how you can enlarge your revenue and enrich your brand exposure by giving us a call. 



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