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Enhance & Expand

Enhance & Expand

As the internet brings the world to our table our opportunities to generate business online seem endless but where to start? And what if you actually want your products on the shop floor in other countries, in an environment that you approve, in a setting it deserves? 

You have thought about franchising, you see your samples being handed out at international airports and offered on board. Your storefront has been the same for ten years and it's clear your brand identity can use a polish.

A pair of fresh eyes, reflecting with someone experienced, an insight in cost, anything to enable you to take a first or next step is welcomed. Brands of Style offers all of the above and more. We're just a call away to open your entrepreneurial world with new perspectives and in-person interaction.

We can help you reach those millions of unique views through shop-clubs. We can get your products airborne. We'll find and direct new franchise partners, the most reliable distributors and brand ambassadors.

You are not going to work more hours per week or lose sleep over risks. Let's leave the micro-management to those who thrive in it. We are ready to fill in the details of your 'bigger picture'.


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